Apple has more money than US

As of today, Apple boss Steve Jobs is richer than Uncle Sam. While the world's most powerful government has just $73.76 billion in its reserves, the world's top technology company has a neat cash pile of $75.87 billion on Thursday. The US Treasury Department on Thursday warned
Facing a government default, Obama can definitely turn to Steve Jobs to give him a very brief breathing space.
The failure by the Republicans and Democrats to come to a compromise to raise the current $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by August 2 could lead to a hike in interest rates. The already battered dollar may also plunge further.
With its market capitalisation of $363.25 billion, Apple is the second largest company on the planet after American oil giant Exxon Mobil. The Cupertino-based Apple started rising suddenly in 2007 when it entered the smart phone market with the launch of its first version of the iPhone.
Within three years, Apple went on to overhaul BlackBerry company Research In Motion (RIM) which invented the smart phone and dominated the market.
But its fortunes skyrocketed last year with the launch of the iPad tablet which has sold in millions. In fact, the iPhone and the iPad have made Apple the czar of mobile computing technology as rivals play up catch-up.
The stock of the company, which doesn't pay dividends, has now touched $400.
After Apple, another non-financial company sitting on a huge cash reserve is Microsoft whose own pile is about $40 billion.

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