Woman sparks $1 million luxury car smash-up

A driver sparked a costly smash-up involving more than $1 million worth of luxury cars in Monte Carlo.
This has got to be an insurer’s worst nightmare.
A female driver in Monaco drew quite a crowd when she was at the centre of one of the most expensive fender-benders you’ll ever see, involving more than $1 million worth of luxury cars.
The woman, who was driving a Bentley Azure worth around $380,000, sparked the costly smash-up after she hit a $95,000 Mercedes-Benz in a roundabout in front of the posh Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, the Daily Mail reports.
To make matters worse, the woman went on to hit three other pricey cars, including a Porsche 911 (priced at around $95,000), a Ferrari F430 ($270,000), and an Aston Martin Rapide ($220,000).
As you’d expect, the spectacular accident scene drew a throng of tourists and photo-snapping gawkers. And the offending driver had no choice but to mug for the cameras as her car’s doors were pinned shut.
The total damages are estimated to be around $65,000. The Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin are said to require new front wings and bumpers, while the woman’s Bentley will need similar repairs, as well as a new door.

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