5 High-Paying Tech Jobs for 2015

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Salaries for IT jobs are set to continue their upward trend in the coming year. According to the Robert Half Technology 2015 Salary Guide, the following high-paying tech jobs lead the pack in starting salary levels among entry- to mid-level positions.
Mobile applications developer
Mobile applications have ushered in a new age of consumer-driven computing. Putting the power and decision-making in the hands of users has prompted an explosion of new fields and ways of doing business. The most sought-after mobile developers have previous experience, knowledge of several platforms (such as Symbian and Windows in addition to Android and iOS) and strong problem-solving skills. Their salaries reflect their value: In 2015, they’re expected to see a 10.2 percent pay increase to a range of $107,500–$161,500 in the U.S., and a 9.5 percent increase to C$93,000–C$132,000 in Canada.
Big data engineer
The term “big data” has been a hot topic for the past few years, and for good reason: New technologies and techniques have given organizations a way to analyze tremendous amounts of data in previously unheard of ways, giving fresh perspectives on markets and customers. Big data engineers are the ones to make that information usable by extracting meaning from raw data. Next year, these high-paying tech jobs are expected to see a 9.3 percent increase in salary to $119,250–$168,250 in the U.S.; in Canada, they’re predicted to see a 7.8 percent increase to C$109,000–C$139,250.
Network architect
All of these mobile applications and big data systems need connectivity. Networks continue to grow more complex, evolving into wired and wireless hybrids. Increasing bandwidth demands, such as those for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), media streaming and highly interactive web applications have elevated the role and requirements of the network architect. As a result, salaries are continuing to climb. In 2015, their salary range is expected to jump to $115,000–$165,250 in the U.S., a 5.5 percent increase from 2014. In Canada, C$101,250–C$152,000 is predicted to be the norm, a 5.3 percent increase. A certification from Cisco, Microsoft or Novell, or VoIP administration skills will boost salaries even more.
Data security analyst
The amount of sensitive data stored on computers has swelled to astounding levels, and high-profile security breaches seem to happen every week. With a steady stream of headlines about hackers stealing financial information, it’s little surprise that data security analysts are in great demand. It takes a high degree of specialized technical competency to keep personal information safe from cybercriminals. These high-paying tech jobs are seeing a 7.4 percent salary hike to $106,250–$149,000 stateside. In Canada, a 6 percent rise in 2015 means a base pay of C$98,000–C$148,000.
Senior web developer
The Web is the driver of modern IT. None of the jobs listed above would exist if it were not for the Internet. Organizations value senior web developers not only for their experience, but also for their creative vision and ability to mentor the next generation of developers. Those working in senior positions remain some of the highest earners as far as IT jobs go. Next year will continue that trend for the most skilled web developers, with a 6.8 percent pay increase in both the U.S. and Canada: $104,500–$144,250 and C$95,000–C$124,750, respectively.
The IT world is an exciting place to be right now. Employers are hiring; the work is dynamic and engaging, and the pace of change demands an evolving skill set. The rewards for staying technologically current and developing professionally are not only a satisfying career, but also a substantial salary. These and other high-paying tech jobs are well within the reach of IT professionals willing to evolve and grow with the industry.
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